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Next Generation Washstand – “LAP” by I&C Co., Ltd.

Recently, I discovered an amazing company providing fantastic products with smart designs called I&C Co., Ltd.

It is actually a company providing various services including design, manufacture and construction of custom furniture and home furniture, interior design and spatial design. Their products are installed in healthcare facilities, schools, houses and commercial facilities etc.

They are aiming to contribute to the development and improvement of the society by bringing up people, products and events that are necessary and useful to the world.


Have you ever found inconvenient when using the washstand due to the height of washstand?

If yes, I&C Co., Ltd will provide the ideal washstand with the customized design for you which is a new project launched called “LAP”.


With the concept of “Close to You – Next Generation Washstand”, “LAP” is a novel washstand that the height can be adjusted electrically in order to suit the user’s stature and posture.

So you will ask: How can it improve our life? It is designed for people with ages and the physical disables to improve their life quality and make their life more beautiful.


Below are some features that “LAP” amazed me:

1. User-friendly designs

The height of washstand can be adjusted from 650 mm to 1100 mm by remote control easily.

The height can be adjusted easily according to the height of the user.

So it is readily accessible to anyone including the children, the elderly and the disables. It will definitely help them to have an easier life.

The height can be adjusted from 600mm~1100mm.

The height can be adjusted by remote control.

The additional functions such as preset buttons and wireless remote control are just some features making it more user-friendly.

2.Simple and Fancy design

“LAP” can be customized made the washstand so that users can create their own washstand suitable for their own styles.

For example, high-class natural materials can be used to make your house luxury and fancy.

The high-class natural materials are used in the wooden part of the interior decoration.

The decoration of the washstands with different arrangements of mirrors

3. Different features with different usages

 “LAP” is not only designed for business purposes but also aims to improve the life of the indeed people.

When it is designed for medical and welfare facilities like hospitals and nursing house (the model is called LAP-200), it put more importance on the cost and enhancing the usability.

The holder in washstand is user-friendly for the elderly and disables.


When it is tailor-made for private houses (the model is called LAP-100), it is not only a convenient washstand but also a part of your interior decoration with dedicated accessories.

The washstand is matched with the interior design of the house.


Every party will be satisfied for their own needs and find the washstand worthwhile for buying.

If you would like to know more details of LAP-100 and LAP-200, please visit below link:



Undoubtedly, “LAP” is a really novel and wonderful washstand with fantastic designs.

Let’s create a better life for the weakness no matter they are the children, the elderly or the disables with LAP’s washstands! 

Thank you.


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