I&C Co., Ltd.

We at I&C provide products which project fun and comfortable lifestyle with Japanese touch.

Established in December 2008, we respond to customer needs in variety ever since while expanding our product and service range such as design, manufacture and construction of custom furniture and home furniture, interior design and spatial design. Our works are installed in healthcare facilities, schools, non-industrial houses, commercial facilities etc.
Taking advantage of our know-how, we work actively on development to convey innovative products that world needs. Our advantages are design backed up with the rich experience, speed of development that the internal design and development system realizes, and quality based on good materials and craftsmanship.
Our aim is to establish "Electric elevating system market" in the world as well as in Japan, and to provide craftsmanship products in stable quality. At a high speed that major makers cannot realize, we will keep developing unique functions (ex. elevating system with a motion sensor, wide stroke function, etc.). And as a consequence, we hope our activities support people's health and enrich the lifestyle in various fields.

At I&C, we visualize your future vision and make it happen.


  • LAP-100 (Lifting/lowering washstand)

    High-end model in combination with the high functionality of electric elevating system and design-oriented feature.
    Luxury materials such as natural wood and marble are richly used, which adds a touch of class to the room like a graceful living room.

  • LAP-200 (Lifting/lowering washstand)

    Standard model in compact size at a reasonable price.
    Countertop with built-in sink is easy to care and lifting/lowering shower faucet is easy to use. The design harmonizing with any type of surroundings and the various functions make up the feature.


BUSINESS TYPEDevelopment and sales of electric elevating furniture, housing equipment and building materials
Sales of furniture and interior products
Designing, manufacturing and construction of custom furniture
Customization and building of furnishing design, space optimization architecture
Designing, manufacturing and construction of wooden fittings
Planning, development, manufacturing, sales and construction of the products for houses, public facilities, offices and commercial facilities
PRODUCTSElectric elevating furniture
Custom furniture
ADDRESS (HEAD OFFICE)MinamiSenba 4-6-10, ShinTowa bldg. 1F&2F,
Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
ESTABLISHMENTDecember 8th, 2008

Management philosophy

I&C pursues material and spiritual welfare for all the staff.
By bringing up people, products and events that are necessary and useful to the world, we contribute to the development and the improvement of human society.


We, at I&C, provide innovative products that the world really needs, are useful and thrill both the user and the provider.
Our activities create a permanently evolutive happy society in combination with all entities involved in our business, i.e. our staff, customers, business partners, community, future society and the earth.

I&C stands for two positive words, “Improvement” and “Constancy” which emphasize two meanings: “change and no change”.

“To change or not to change”
While day-to-day evolution is essential for people and corporate businesses, it is vital for us to sharpen our ability to evaluate the true nature of the things.

We endeavor for a company that engages with our clients on visible subjects such as products, service and abstract subjects such as philosophy, principles and values.