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JAPAND – Creating a promising future with Japanese Products


1. To introduce charming Japanese enterprises to the world

JAPAND is a platform for overseas enterprises to search for Japanese products and gather information for Japanese enterprises.

Although Japanese enterprises are producing products with high quality, they still found difficult to expand their business overseas due to the lack of experiences.

In the meanwhile, overseas enterprises also found difficult to have business connections with Japanese enterprises due to the language barriers and unfamiliarity of business manners in Japan and etc.

JAPAND is a platform aiming to solve these problems and to connect overseas enterprises with Japanese enterprises.

The name of JAPAND has several meanings:

  1. JAPAND = Japan + Brand (Japanese Brand)
  2. JAPAND = Japan + And (Japan AND another country e.g. Japan and Singapore)
  3. JAPAND = Japan + Expand (Japanese enterprises are expanding their business overseas)


2. To create the opportunity for exporting Japanese products (services) overseas

Overseas enterprises may have an experience of having enquiries to Japanese enterprises for their high quality products but there is no reply from them.

Japanese enterprises are providing plenty of products and services with high quality so it is not difficult for them to export their products overseas. 

However, some Japanese enterprises are reluctant to expand their business overseas because of the lack of experience of overseas business deals. It is absolutely a huge loss for both Japanese and overseas enterprises.

To avoid this kind of losses,  JAPAND is going to connect Japanese and overseas enterprises and assist them to expand their business overseas by catching these business chances.

With JAPAND, business chances can be all caught!


3. To connect Japanese enterprises with overseas enterprises and create business chances

The characteristic of JAPAND is that Japanese enterprises could convey their management philosophy, the underlying messages of the products and the passion of entrepreneurs through videos. 

Through the platform of JAPAND, both Japanese and overseas enterprises could understand each other deeply and long-term business relationship can be built.

Here is the video of HISHINUMA TRADING Inc. in our page of JAPAND

Different enterprises can promote their messages through videos.


In addition, JAPAND can provide one-stop solutions because it is operating by HISHINUMA TRADING Inc.

As a trading company as well as the operator of JAPAND, we could support Japanese and overseas enterprises from catching business chances, communications, trading processes to payment arrangements.

In this case, we are creating business chances for both parties.

HISHINUMA TRADING Inc. can provide one-stop solutions for both Japanese and overseas enterprises.



Our mission is to become a trading company that is growing together with our clients

HISHINUMA TRADING Inc. has expanded its business to different Asian countries such as Singapore,  Vietnam, Taiwan and etc. and European countries like Italy, Germany and France.

We work as a partner with small to medium-sized enterprises in Japan to support them to expand their business overseas.

We are presently engaged in a board array of operations ranging from the cultivation of product markets, the development of production factories to the establishment of business structures.

We are also trading a wide range of products like daily commodities, industrial materials and food and beverages all over the world.


Our values are defined by our clients instead of the goods

Our emphasis is placed on the connections of trust between one to another regardless of locations and national borders.

Our work is to provide an environment in which our clients and partner companies can proceed their work as a united team.

Our ultimate mission is to create happiness for all the involved individuals.


Creating a promising future with Japanese Products JAPAND