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Have you ever encounter some difficulties for the storage of your clothes?

Do you find that it is inconvenient to keep your suit set in different hangers and hard to find them?

Have you ever thought of Japanese Kimono can be kept in an easy way with a simple hanger?

If you have same doubts as me, the products from Shinko Hanger Co., Ltd can surely help you to solve these problems.


Shinko Hanger Co., Ltd is a hanger manufacturer with a history of 70 years with the top domestic market share for hanger industry in Japan.

Apart from hanger manufacturing, they have been developing high originality and unique storage cases for small items after establishing their factory in Gojo city in Nara prefecture since 1993.


Shinko Hanger is making useful and innovative products with smart designs. Among those, I was amazed most by below products:


1. New 3D Convertible Hanger

I would like to show you the procedures to put your suit jackets, slacks, skirts, shirts and tie by New 3D Convertible Hanger for your suit sets.

This is the picture of New 3D Convertible Hanger.


The procedures are shown in the video from 2:15 to 3:15 in the website

  1. Pull up the front bar and hang up the suit jacket on the back hanger. The shoulder width can be adjusted from 42~51 cm(4 different levels)for different sizes of the suit jacket.
  1. Then pull down the front bar and hang up your slacks or skirt by the holder.
  1. Finally, hang up your shirt on the front hanger and put your necktie in the necktie holder.

In this case, you can hang up your suit jacket, slacks or skirt, shirt as well as your necktie in only one set of the hanger which is very convenient and easy to handle.


2. Kimono Hanger

As you know, Kimono (Japanese traditional garment) is not easy to hang up. However, with Kimono Hanger, you could hang up Kimono easily.

If you have a chance to see a Kimono in Japan, sleeves of it are very long. In order to hang up the long sleeves, Kimono hanger can be extended to 132.5cm horizontally.

The hanger can be extended to 132.5cm to hang up the Kimono.

You can also shorten the hanger for easy storage.

There is also another model of the hanger which is designed for both suit and kimono.

Kimono hanger is not only designed for Kimono in Japan, this idea can also apply to any clothes which are long in shape in any countries.


3. Interior Decoration Hanger

Nowadays, hangers are also a symbol of fashion and can be used in interior decoration items. To feed this demand, Shinko Hanger is also making stylish items and hangers for scarfs, belts, hats and clothes.


The series of SILUE is for small items such as the scarf, sunglasses with silver sparkle lame effects.

It has 6 different colors and designs (Peacock, Diamond, Butterfly, Rose, Ribbon and Leaf).


The series of LUETTE is hangers with silver sparkle lame effects with different colors and designs. It can be used for hanging clothes and for interior decorations.


Have you ever thought that hangers can be used in these ways and can be that helpful in your life?

If not, let’s try to have a taste of the hangers from Shinko Hangers to start making your life more convenient and interesting.

Thank you.


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