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SADAKARI SANGYO INC. – “People live with Nature” (1)

A tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. If you have a chance to stay in traditional Japanese houses and hotels, I am sure that you will have a chance to have a taste of Tatami beds.


If you like Tatami beds or products, you should definitely have a look at Sadakari Sangyo Inc. Sadakari Sangyo is originally a chair manufacturer since 1958 and has been producing Tatami beds since 1983. To improve our life quality, they also produce Tatami beds equipped with handrails and assist bars which the height can be adjusted for nursing care facilities.

Sadakari Sangyo is located in Fukuoka and the managing director of Mr. Yukihiro Sadakari (the man on the right of the picture) was taking a photo with his staff.


With the mission of sharing the joy with the whole world through the wonderful Japanese culture of Tatami, Sadakari Sangyo is producing Tatami products with 3 concepts: tradition, universal design and care prevention.


1. Tradition

With over 30 years of experiences of manufacturing Tatami beds in Chikugo in Fukuoka prefecture, Sadakari Sangyo is committed to preserving Japanese and Chikugo’s traditions. By cherishing local culture and people, with a belief in their wisdom and ingenuity, Sadakari Sangyo is manufacturing Tatami products which can last for a long time.


2. Universal Design

The products from Sadakari Sangyo are equitable and flexible for use and can minimize physical efforts. With the philosophy of universal design, they provide products with the guarantee of “comfort” and “healing”.

The product shown in the photo is called “Sai” which consists of a table, several chairs and a bed. It can be used in the bedroom as well as living room. You can create your own combination to make your own design and decorate your house with your own style.

You can keep your clothes and own stuff in the drawer of the bed.

Antifouling tatami is made of high-class Japanese paper (Washi) will give a feeling of warmth.

3. Care prevention

The design of Tatami bed is designed to be getting in and out easily. They produce the Tatami beds with respectful altitude to their customers to help the users to stay active without special nursing care needs.

The product shown in the photo is called “Silky III”. The height can be adjusted to 5 different levels and the users can get in and out from bed smoothly. This user-friendly design is especially useful for children, the elderly and the disables. It can be used in the nursing care and welfare facilities.

Apart from the above concepts, I am showing you their innovative products called “Dan” in the next post. Please don’t miss it!


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