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Hattendo Co., Ltd – “Do what only Hattendo can do” (1)

With the development of technology, most food factories are manufacturing their products with automatic systems and mechanization progresses nowadays. Can you believe that an enterprise with over 25 stores in 5 countries is wrapping and making 40,000 pieces of cream buns by hand every day?

It is really unbelievable but Hattendo Co., Ltd. is making it happen with the motto of “Do what only Hattendo can do”. Hattendo is a bakery company that specializes in Japanese sweetbreads with their flagship product of chilled cream buns. Hattendo is delivering delicious and enjoyable experiences backed with “safety and security” to all of the customers with the philosophy of “Great products, Great people and Great company”.

There are 3 characteristics that make Hattendo a special and superior enterprise.

1. Hand-wrapped, hand-made and hand-delivered with the gratitude

They make and wrap 40,000 pieces of cream buns by hand a day under good hygienic conditions and thoroughgoing quality control. This may look anachronistic in time as mechanization progresses, however here is where the value exists. They put their gratitude into every single piece with hand-wrapped, hand-made and hand-delivery cream bun so people keep supporting, coming back and wanting more.

The production process by hand is shown in below YouTube:


2. Great working cultures and the best employees

Apart from developing products, stores, and friendly services, they commit to foster their employees to be loved by customers. Hattendo always hopes their employees enjoy working for Hattendo. As a result, their employees will give their best performance for the customers. Every employee in Hattendo is free to give anything a try. Even if the challenge results in a failure, Hattendo will give them another chance. In this case, their employees are kept motivated and are willing to take on new challenges.

Every employee in Hattendo is enjoying their work and proud of their job.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Hattendo is actively hiring women and foreigners for employment and actively accepting foreign interns. To help them to secure a quality life, Hattendo is continually working on the improvement of the working environment with an emphasis on HR development. 

To support the society, Hattendo also established a nursery school called Rinku Nursery to help the locals with the problem of nursery waiting lists. Also, Hattendo hopes to provide a place that people who can realize their own dreams with their own power by setting up Rinku Nursery.

It is the picture of Rinku Nursery.

Are you wondering how delicious is the cream puns produced by Hattendo? I will introduce their products in next post, please don’t miss it!

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