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FreeINTERNATIONAL – Create a Peaceful World through Fashion!

FreeINTERNATIONAL is an enterprise providing clothes and fashion accessories from planning, designing, manufacturing to retailing since 1984.


The reason why I would like to introduce this enterprise is that they are not only an appeal enterprise but also an enterprise with social responsibility. They are donating their original T-shirts to orphans in undeveloped countries every year.

By supporting FreeINTERNATIONAL, you are actually rescuing the helpless all over the world!

It is the photos of “Thanks for donating our original T-shirts March 2016 (Kabul SAC orphans)”

Their philosophy is to make more people happy with Fashion and pursue the material and spiritual happiness for all their employees.


There are several brands in FreeINTERNATIONAL such as F i.n.t, an another angelus and F i.n.t Cherry as shown below.

The brand that I would like to introduce is F i.n.t since it is a brand that embodies the fusion of European history and Japanese modern styles, which is unique and special.


There are 2 collections released for every year based on seasonal themes. Every theme is inspired by movies of 50’s to 70’s. The current collection for 2017 Spring & Summer is based on cinema hero of Angela in the movie of 60’s.

The use of thin piping at the retro square in the neckline is the characteristic of this one-piece, which makes the model cuter.


Or another design is a patch worked skirt with denim boldly. It is an impressive product which patchwork is done with a retro arrangement.  

Above are just a few examples of the collections and you may explore more by reaching below link:



Through the brand of F i.n.t, they would like to convey the message of peace. With the unfortunate history of strife, Japanese learnt the preciousness of peace. Through the clothes, FreeINTERNATIONAL would like the users to experience the joy of fashion, developing sympathies, admitting and accepting each other. This is the message they would like to spread out all over the world.


To spread the message of peace all over the world, they are endeavoring their best to expand their business overseas. With 17 shops in Japan, a franchise shop in Hong Kong and Online Store in Taiwan, FreeINTERNATIONAL is inviting those who share the same philosophy and mission to be affiliated with their franchise membership!


For those who are impressed by their mission and high quality products, let’s work together with FreeINTERNATIONAL to create a more peaceful world! 

Thank you.


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