HISHINUMA TRADING Inc, a trading company leading trade businesses between Japan and other countries.

HISHINUMA trading Inc. was established in Osaka, Japan in 2009 and launched a subsidiary in Singapore in 2012. Subsequently in 2013, Mr. Hishinuma, the Managing director moved his base Singapore.
Based in Japan and Singapore, we pursue trade business utilizing our self-developed worldwide network. Furthermore, we launched “JAPAND”, a web media about Japanese companies with high-potential and attractive products to be introduced to the world, through which we support the world reaches these Japanese businesses.
Our mission is “The path we tread is defined not by goods, but by the people we serve”. We thoroughly communicate with our clients to set up the mutual goal and to develop the business together.
Our greatest strengths you can share are;
1) Rapid and Detailed responses, 2) Information resource hub spread over Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe, 3) Management to the satisfaction of both of buyers and sellers
Leveraging these strengths, we contribute ourselves to more clients to develop long-term business by forging relationships of mutual trust.

Connecting people and bonding hearts through trading.


  • Oversea exports of industrial materials

    We export Japanese fine quality industrial materials for residence, commercial architecture, medical facilities, or ship facilities.

  • Export of food stuffs and liquor

    We exports food stuffs and liquor that producers work on it with their soul.

  • Import and export of sanitary goods

    We import sanitary goods from Europe and South East Asia. Meanwhile, we export Japanese products to oversea.


ADDRESS203 Semba Building, 2-5-8 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0047
CONTACT[email protected]

Management philosophy

To generate happiness for all companies with which we do business.
To contribute to the recovery of the Japanese economy through trade.


We aim to become a trading company that can grow together with our clients.
HISHINUMA TRADING Inc. has developed business opportunities with entities in Italy, Germany, and other European countries, primarily for clients in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries in Asia as a partner in the deployment of overseas strategies by small to medium-sized enterprises. We are presently engaged in a broad array of operations ranging from the cultivation of product markets and the development of production factories to the establishment of business structures on behalf of our clients as a trading firm involved in the exporting and importing of daily commodities, industrial materials, alcoholic beverages, foodstuff, and more. In the course of my many years of building bridges between Japanese companies and overseas partners as an employee of a trading firm, I came to appreciate the fact that it is small to medium-sized enterprises that truly require the expertise and functions offered by trading firms.

In this context, I launched this company in order to provide support to small to medium-sized enterprises and forge relationships that will allow us to grow together.
Hishinuma Trading shall perform its duties as a trading firm by building structures for selling products for which there is demand and shall carry out this function from a global perspective. While it may appear that we operate like consultants, the distinction is greatest when one understands that we do not simply think about what needs to be done, but that we also undertake concrete actions, such as engaging in sales activities in various places around the world.

The path we tread is defined not by goods, but by the people we serve.
Our emphasis is not placed on locations or national borders. Everything we stand for can be found in the connections of trust that tie people to one another. Our job is to foster an environment in which clients and partner companies can proceed with their work as members of a united team. I believe that our most important mission lies in the generation of happiness for everyone with whom we are involved.

We aim to eventually join the ranks of a small but select group of general trading firms in our industry and deploy a new way of operating in our field. It is our belief that our raison d’etre resides essentially in work carried out to create work in a manner that simply cannot be performed effectively by manufacturers and retailers.