Patisserie Galette

To make everyone smile, we are rigorously making the best of our ingredients, and we are putting our heart into thoroughly making sweets.

At Patisserie Galette, we are putting our heart into thoroughly making our sweets one by one. Thus, we are putting our efforts into providing baked sweets such as the Galette Bretonne by focusing on the ingredients and the production to make you experience the natural taste of our ingredients.
Thanks to our sweets, we want to make everyone be smiling. Not only are we proud of our 30 regular types of baked sweets, but we are also proud of our puddings, cream puffs, roll cakes, mousses, tartes and cakes decoration, etc. So we are offering sweets that we believed to be tasty thanks to our ingredients. And we also want to transmit to everyone our own experience.

Because it is delicious, let's eat together!


  • Premium Galette

    Our trade name is inspired by the French traditional sweets called [Galette Bretonne]. By using the same manufacturing method and focusing on the ingredients used, we are creating our own galette. Our main raw materials are the wheat flour and fermented butter from Hokkaido, and special eggs from Osaka. With those ingredients we are producing our 5 main types of galettes: Galette Bretonne, Red Wine Galette, Chocolate Galette, Earl Grey Galette and Hokkaido Rye Galette. In addition, we are also preparing other galettes that you can enjoy according to the seasons: Cranberry Galette, Pine Galette, Okinawa Brown Sugar Galette, Uji Macha Galette and Japanese Chestnut Galette, etc. Our shopkeeper dearly loves galette, that is why it became the flagship product of our store.

  • Flake Sablé

    From Shotoku Taishi’s period (7th century), the historic Hirano district was prospered. In the Edo period (around 18 century), the town of Hirano prospered as a moat autonomous city, just after Osaka and Sakai. Nowadays, we are still transmitting this town’s history via numerous and very interesting ways such as: [Danjiri summer festival], [Temple Hall], [Shinto Shrines}, [Temples], [Residences designated as important cultural asset]. As Hirano district people support and love their town, they asked for [someone to create Hirano’s souvenirs]. That is why we created the [Flake Sablé].
    Our [Flake Sablé] is divided into 5 types: whole wheat flour, roasted soy bean flour, pumpkin, and chocolate. Our [Flake Sablé] are made to be easy to eat for everyone, from children to elderly people, so they can enjoy the gentle and soft texture. When you open the [Flake Sablé] wrapping paper, you can discover Hirano’s district map.

  • French Quarter Cookies

    In his younger days, our shopkeeper went to visit a city in the South part of the USA, called New Orleans. In this city, there is still one block left that reminds the period of the French colonization. Famous for its jazz music and the Mississippi river, this block is called the French quarter. We can also eat the local specialty, called country cookies, made with nuts and unrefined sugar, that reminds the taste of our mothers’ sweets. Our shopkeeper really liked this good old French quarter and he transmitted it to many people. That is why we called our crunchy cookies, made with nuts and unrefined sugar, the [French Quarter Cookies]. As it has ever been the tradition, you can enjoy a wedding with the American country and France esprit.

  • Pudding Speciality

    Unnecessary ingredients are absolutely not added in our pudding. Thus, there are only 4 ingredients used, which are: eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla beans. Our eggs are produced by chicken eating only cereal fodder, and we are using only fresh eggs. The milk we are using is taken from cows raised in farms in Hokkaido, and only in Konsen area. As for the sugar, we are using the unrefined sugar from Kikai Island, which contains an abundant amount of minerals. We are also using plenty of vanilla beans coming from Madagascar. Thanks to their soft and sweet aroma, it is reinforcing the taste of our pudding. We are also focusing on the manufacturing method and on taking time to cook all types of puddings.

  • Maple Roll

    To cook Maple Roll, we are using plenty of eggs, and we are thoroughly baking the dough. Then, we are mixing the low-fat, 100% fresh cream with the maple sugar from Canada. When we opened the shop, it was initially our basic product.

  • Cake Decoration

    To provide you with the desired cake on the designated day, we will make the cake decoration according to the delivery time. Naturally, unnecessary ingredients will not be used, and we will make the best use of our ingredients to make you fully experience their natural taste. Thanks to the original taste of the 100% fresh cream, of the fruits, as well as the deep flavor of the Belgian chocolate, you will easily feel like the cake has been baked in the morning. It has a delicious taste.


BUSINESS TYPEManufacture and sales of Western confectioneries
PRODUCTSWestern baked sweets, fresh Western sweets
ADDRESS5-14-17 Hirano Honmachi, Hirano-ku, Osaka city

Management philosophy

  1. We can take satisfaction to be a shop which can say [There is a delicious store in Hirano].
  2. It seems that we can be pride to be working at Patisserie Galette.


I really want to make people enjoy delicious sweets. I also really want to transmit the real taste of the traditional sweets, as well as the baked sweets. With this thought in mind, I opened this business in 2004, in Osaka, in my home town called Hirano. I named my store [Patisserie Galette] in reference to the French traditional sweet which left me with a deep impression when I first tried it while I was a student. Originally when we started the business, we were only two, my wife and I, to manage the store. But gradually, our staff increased and now our family includes 10 people. I earnestly think this is also thanks to our customers in the region who are supporting our business as much as I do. Sweets have the power to make people smile. Those sweets will reach more and more people. [Let’s enjoy delicious sweets] together with special people and we will rapidly widen the circle of smiles. It would be really satisfying if our sweet, the [Galette], could help us reach this goal. With this desire in mind, we are devoting ourselves everyday, and we are enjoying making sweets with our staff.