Omiya Marche

Omiya Marche

From now on, we are striving to preserve the natural aspect of our products

Our company is an intermediary between manufacturers and consumers for the sales of processed foods good for health. We are also wholesaling and selling strawberries intended for domestic confectionery shops. Some of our representative products are: our sugar-free black sesame seeds paste, our fermented black garlic from Aomori Prefecture, our natural sweetener [Rice syrup] from Ishiwake Prefecture.


  • Black garlic

    To obtain black garlics it is necessary to make them fermenting during around 40 days. In Japan, among the health food, black garlic is popular and is also well-known for its weak smell. Moreover, Aomori Prefecture is especially famous for producing high quality black garlic and is thus more expensive. Our black garlic has won a prize 11 times successively from Monde Selection; but has also won 4 times successively a 3-star gold prize from iTQi.

  • Feature of black garlic

    With the same appeal as dried fruits, and the same way of peeling it like oranges, it is easy to eat black garlic. And the smell will not be as strong as normal garlic. We are providing different lot sizes: 100g, 250g, 500g or 1kg. With one clove to three cloves only per day, it will have a good impact on your health and beauty. In comparison with the normal garlic, our super black garlic contains 16 times more S-allyl-L-cysteine, 3 times more arginine, 6 times more polyphenol. As no other raw material is used, it can be eaten just like this. Black garlic now has a great popularity.

  • Way of cooking

    Black garlic can be eaten just like this, or it is also used by some domestic restaurants. We also introduce some recipes to use black garlics.


BUSINESS TYPEWholesale and sales of food products
PRODUCTSBlack sesame seeds paste, black garlic, rice syrup etc
ADDRESS3-116 Sakuragicho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City

Company Philosophy

By selling processed foods from domestic manufacturers, we are contributing to the revitalization of the region, as well as improving the health of our consumers.