Onishi Kyosendo

Onishi Kyosendo is a Japanese fan specialty shop with 180 years of history.

Onishi Kyosendo was found during 1830~1843 and it is the 9th generation. At the period that it was first founded, it was called “Yamotoya”, however, in Meiji Era, it changed its name to “Kyosendo”.

Onishi Kyosendo is near Sanjo Bridge and it is surrounded by several famous temples like Myoshinji Temple, Chionin Temple, Nanzenji Temple. As a result, Onishi Kyosendo is providing fans for temples. Moreover, since it is located in a place that many domestic and overseas tourists could access, Onishi Kyosendo is also providing fans for Japanese traditional dance fans, tea ceremony fans and normal fans. The original fans for summer season “Raku-style Fan” is the recommended product with elegant design and great comments from customers.

Kyoto Folding Fans: Fans that would be proud to the world. A fine article birthed by 1200-year history.


  • Garaku-Style Fan: “Sakura with black background” for gentlemen

    Sakura at night is drawn on the black Japanese traditional paper. It is a Kyoto folding fan painted by Yuzen writer.

    Length: ~22 cm
    No. of bones: 25
    Bones: Made in Japan, Kyoto Carved baked soot bone
    Fan surface is painted by hands.

  • Garaku-Style Fan: “Sakura with red background” for ladies

    Sakura is drawn on the red Japanese traditional paper. It is a Kyoto folding fan painted by Yuzen writer.

    Length: ~19.5 cm
    No. of bones: 25
    Bones: Made in Japan, Kyoto Carved baked soot bone
    Fan surface is painted by hands.

  • Baked soot Kyoto lacquer fan: “Suzumushi (Cricket)”

    It is an original fan that the designer applied the Kyoto lacquer on the baked soot bamboo. The drawing on the fan surface is created by Yuzen writer.

    Length: ~22 cm
    Fan surface: Japanese traditional paper, color drawing, hand-painted
    Bones: Baked soot Kyoto lacquer (processed in Japan)
    Tailoring: Kyoto
    Kyoto folding fan

  • Kawahori (Bat) Fan: black painted “Matsu-kazari (pine tree)”

    Black painted bones with length of 37.5 cm

    It is a decorative fan depicting the child birds living in New Year ‘s congratulatory pine tree. (Kawahori (Bat) fan is the origin of paper fan. Since the shape is like the expanded wings of bats, it was called Kawahori (Bat) fan.

  • Dance Fan: Black painted “Gold Fir Pine & Bamboo/Camellia”

    Black painted on both sides with gold fir with the length of 29cm.
    It is a decorative Kyoto folding fan with one side of “Pine and Bamboo” and another side of “White Camellia” painted by hands. (Dance fan is designed with dimensions that are suitable for fans using in Japanese dance. The drawing on the fan surfaces could be changed according to the season and performance environment).

  • 15 cm Decorative Fan: “Kourin Red and White Plums Drawing” with stand set

    It is a decorative fan designed with the image of Red and White Plum fold screening created by Kourin Ogata. It is a decorative tea fan tailor made with the dimensions that could be used in tea ceremony.

    Length: ~15 cm
    Fan surface: Japanese traditional paper
    Bones: Outer two ribs: coloured-lacquer undercoating and a transparent-lacquer topcoat & Other
    bones: white bamboo (processed in Japan)
    Tailoring: Japan
    Kyoto Folding Fan


BUSINESS TYPEManufacturer and Retailer
PRODUCTSJapanese fan
18 Ishibashi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Management Philosophy

In Japan, Japanese fan is being used frequently for events in one’s life. Onishi Kyosendo is promoting the culture of Kyoto Folding Fans and making it more popular. At the same time, Onishi Kyosendo is continuously producing Kyoto folding fans with their insists as traditional crafts.


We are producing Japanese fans over many generations. Through the experience and know-how, we care not only the design, pattern on fan surface, but also put emphasis on the shape of closed fan and the touch texture of the fan. We insist to produce Kyoto Folding Fans with heart and remain the original features of them.

“Raku-style Fan”, craving the character of “Kyo” on the outer 2 ribs and having the theme of the famous places and featured objects of Kyoto, is an original and unique fan selling in Onishi Kyosendo only.

For the traditional crafts in Kyoto, we recommend you to have a look of our Japanese traditional fans.