Marui Factory Co., Ltd.

Marui Factory Co., Ltd. is an enterprise providing products with convenient and excellent functions and good design to their customers.

Starting from the former generation, Marui Factory is placing emphasis on unique design, patent with great functionality and production of innovative products. In recent years, the aging problem is getting serious in the whole Japanese society. To respond to this problem, Marui Factory is creating products that are good for health and can maintain health. They are creating products according to the customers’ ideas as well as creating their original products.

Making your desired idea from concept to real product.


  • Prevent Dementia Pendant (Aroma pendant)

    There are several methods to prevent dementia but all are quite difficult to perform continuously. However, with Aroma pendant, you could prevent dementia easily. Just wear it in the morning for 2 hours and wear another pendant that filled with the aroma liquid for night use for 2 hours before sleeping. At night, you could just place cotton soaked with aroma liquid on the plate as an alternative. By performing this for 2 to 4 weeks, according to the professor Mr. Urakami from Tottori University (who is famous for the research for prevention of dementia), it can help to prevent dementia effectively.

  • Tie Brooch Set (Tie Tack Set)

    There are 3 different designs of tie brooch sets (tie tack sets).
    They are four-leaf clover representing fortune, pearl representing elegance and rhinestone representing wealth.
    You would match different designs according to different situations.

  • Tie Tack Stopper with Japan and U.S. patent

    The patent was almost 100% used by noble metal industry in Japan.
    When using the tie tack stopper, it will not hurt your nails and fingers. It is convenient since you just need to press the side of the stopper.

  • Pan Gold Accessories (pendant, key holder and etc.)

    There are original mines in Japan to mine gold and silver. Artificial pan gold mining is preceded in those mines by the mining enterprises. Marui Factory is providing pendant tie stoppers, straps, key holders and etc. to those mining enterprises. It is overwhelmingly popular.

  • Bookmark

    Inserting the bookmark into the book and just show the “face” of the bookmark. It is a lovely and cute design.

  • Hand spinner (all made by metals)

    Hand spinner made of brass and zinc has a good sense of weight. It can rotate for about 2 minutes.


PRODUCTSAccessories, Souvenirs and Novelty
2-28-3 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Management philosophy

By creating products that make customers felt great, interesting, cool and convenient, Marui Factory would like to provide happiness to as many people as they can.


Marui Factory possesses 2 patents. One is developed by their own. Another one will be sold to the investor in Silicon Valley after acquiring the U.S. patent.
Marui Factory is aiming to provide happiness to people all over the world by creating great products.