Scientifically Developed Kyoto's Traditional Materials
-The Fusion of Tradition and Advanced Technology-

Introducing the Japanese cosmetic range of the highest quality with the natural beauty ingredients extracted from the native Kyoto traditional materials (Green tea from Uji and silk). Our obsession for the package design creatively expresses Japanese art and delicacy. (made in Japan)


  • Pure Gold Thick Skin Lotion

    【Skin Lotion with Anti-aging Effects】 

    • Unscented
    • Content: 80mL
    • Country of origin:Japan

    It’s a thick skin lotion for aging care with rich “pure gold leaf”.
    This can work both as skin lotion and beauty essence.
    Despite its thick texture, it will be infiltrated deep into the skin instantly and makes the skin moist and firm (gold leaf will also be dissolved and infiltrated).

    What’s the effect of gold?
    Highly-pure gold has weak current (negative ion) which is quite similar to the weak “bioelectric current” within our body and it is said to promote metabolism by working on bioelectrical weak current and brings various beauty effects.

    <Rich moisture & beautiful skin component made in Japan>
    “Uji tea extract (Kyoto)” “Benifuki green tea extract (Kyoto)”
    “Silk extract (Kyoto)” “Sake lees extract (Kyoto)”
    “Aloe extract (Okinawa)” “Hyaluronic acid (Japan)”

  • Thick Matcha Handmade Soap

    • Content:90g
    • Country of origin:Japan

    Containing a lot of 100% organically grown green tea (matcha) from Uji (Certified organic food). Uji-cha is a traditional green tea which is cultivated in Uji city, located in southern Kyoto as well as the area around the city which is rich in nature. It is one of the “three greatest teas of Japan.” Green tea is rich in Catechin and Vitamin, and various effects for beauty enhancement have been scientifically proven (moisturizing effect, rough skin-preventing, and odor eliminating effect etc). This soap gives you a perfect balance between a moist feeling and a fresh feeling. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin. As the green tea (matcha) powder has been kneaded into the soap, the color of the surface turns dark green through the drying progress but it is a lighter green inside. Because it is fragrance-free, there is only a light scent of green tea (matcha). You can use our reliable soap for your whole body, not only your face.             

  • Thick Matcha Hand Cream

    【Hand Cream】 

    • Scent of Matcha (Green Tea Floral)
    • Content: 25g
    • Country of origin:Japan

    It’s a Matcha Hand Cream with rich 100% organic certified Uji Matcha powder as moisture & skin roughness prevention component. It moisturizes hand&body, prevents skin roughness and protect gently from drying.

  • Thick Matcha Lip Balm

    【Lip Balm】 

    • Scent of Matcha (Green Tea Floral)
    • Content: 5g
    • Country of origin:Japan 

    It’s a Lip Balm with rich 100% organic certified Uji Matcha powder as moisture & skin roughness prevention component. It moisturizes lips, prevents skin roughness and protect gently from drying.

  • Maccha Aroma Spray

    【Room Fragrance/Sterilization/deodorization】

    • Scent of Matcha (Green Tea Floral)
    • Content:150mL
    • Country of origin:Japan

    It’s a functional product that can be used to give scent to room or to sterilize/deodorize clothes and space. Just by spraying, the room will be filled with fresh Maccha (Green Tea Floral) scent. It also sterilizes/deodorizes with plant-derived component including Japanese Green Tea Extract (derived from Uji tea and Benifuki Green Tea) (clinically proved).
    *Principal deodorization component “2 Kyoto Green Tea Extract” (derived from Uji tea and Benifuki Green Tea)
    *Principal sterilization/antibacterial component “Grapefruit Seed Extract”
    It’s a natural sterilizing/antibacterial component extracted from Grapefruit seed. It’s a highly safe component that can be used for food with high antibacterial property to various bacteria and virus.
    【How to use】Turn the stopper under the lever to OPEN position. In room use… After air ventilation, spray in the room as you want (about 1 to 5 times). On cloth/clothes… Spray on whole cloth/clothes from 20-30cm distance as to humidify. Verify later that the spray has dried.

  • KYOTO PREMIUM Body Butter

    【The Balm Type Cream with Moisturizing & Anti-aging Effects】

    • Content: 16g
    • Country of origin:Japan
    • Lightly Scented (Fresh scent uniquely blended with orange oil & lavender oil)

    Makes skin so beautiful, clear and elasticated. More than 99% of this cream is made by the ingredients of natural product origin. Use it as hand cream, body oil or wherever you feel dry. On top of the base ingredients such as jojoba oil, Shea butter and camellia oil, *”3 kinds of beauty ingredients from Kyoto” which add moisture, firmness and elasticity to skin, and the most advanced anti-aging ingredient called “Nahlsgen” jointly developed by professor Hiratake of the chemistry laboratory in Kyoto university are contained.
    * “3 kinds of beauty ingredients from Kyoto”…Uji tea extract, Benifuki green tea extract, silkworm cocoon extract ※This product is paraben-free, alcohol (ethanol)-free, mineral oil-free, synthetic pigment (tar)-free and synthetic perfume -free.


BUSINESS TYPECosmetics Retail, Wholesale.
PRODUCTSSkin Lotion,Solid Perfume,Hand Cream etc…
ADDRESS4-101 Okanishi-cho,Hino,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto 601-1416 Japan
ESTABLISHMENTMarch 1th, 2013

Management Philosophy

Combining the old Japanese capital Kyoto (Koto) with the word “laboratory”, “Koto Lab” was founded.
Koto Lab is dedicated to long and extensive research in order to be able to offer high end produce and cosmetics, all of which are developed on site at our Kyoto laboratories. Our goal is to develop cosmetic products which enhance your everyday life with joy and pleasure.
We mainly produce fragrance products, such as solid perfumes and room fragrances, which reflect a touch of “Japan´s 4 beautiful seasons”. Furthermore we also offer a functional beauty line including skin lotions, serums, hand creams, soaps and also a skin care cream which we have designed around the theme of “science with Kyoto´s traditional ingredients”.


There are many cosmetic producers in Japan that develop high quality and innovative products, however most are still not known outside of Japan.
Unfortunately these products have not yet reached consumers on a world-wide level. Our company develops products which make you “feel Japan” immediately, because of the distinctive ingredients and unique design.
We aim to create an environment and also an opportunity for consumers to be able to directly purchase our products not only domestically within Japan, but also globally.
It would delight us if customers would not only get to know us and our products, because of the high quality and functionality, but also regard using our products as a “Japan experience”.