CBLS, Inc.

CBLS, Inc. is a company cuddling up with busy women.

CBLS, Inc. was established on July 25, 2014.
We started our company to make reliable and trustworthy skin care products for modern day busy women.

1. Skin Care products that are time conscious and effective moisturizers
2. Made in Japan with natural ingredients, that customers can enjoy and be soothed by
3. High quality, cost effective products.

Our products are truly designed to be allies against the busy day to day lives of women.

Okinawa's Kumejima deep sea water, and Okinawan plants and seaweed extracts serve as the base of our all-in-one serum. Packed with an abundance of beauty ingredients good for the skin. [RUC - Botanical Serum] will help achieve rich, moist and supple skin.


  • Beautiful Skin From The Grace of Nature (1)

    Known worldwide as Churaumi, Kumejima, Okinawa is where we source our deep sea ingredients.

    We pump deep sea water and collagen from a depth of 612 meters, plants stem cell extract, plants placenta, plants ceramide, noni fruit, citrus depressa, bitter gourd, aloe vera, cladosiphon okamuranus, passion fruit, cat whiskers, moringa, malus domestica fruit cell culture extract, shea butter, vitamin A, C and E.

  • Beautiful Skin From The Grace of Nature (2)

    Our 4 in 1 lotion, beauty essence, body milk, and cream moisturizer is completed with several plant-derived ingredients.

    Moisture is gently sealed in by the essential ingredients to give your skin lasting moisturizing effects.

  • Beautiful Skin From The Grace of Nature (3)

    Leaves your skin feeling good after application, deeply moisturizing, and strengthening your skin. Provides Long lasting moisturization through the essence ingredients gently locking in the skins natural moisture.
    It is the perfect and only essence for conditioning your skin.

    Guaranteed to leave you with beautiful enviable skin. The blended moisturizing and beauty ingredients, create a lotion that is the perfect reward for the busy everyday woman.
    All-in-one beauty serum [RUC – Botanical Serum].
    Please realize your skin too can be soft and supple.


BUSINESS TYPEPlanning and sales of cosmetics
PRODUCTSRUC - Botanical Serum
ADDRESS8-24-1 Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0051 Japan

Management Philosophy

We want our product to be an ally to women that can be used easily at any time. These days the modern woman is so busy and skin care often falls second.
“Don’t give up on being beautiful” We want to create our product with this in mind for busy women.

  • “Cherish Your Bliss, Love and Smile” is derived from the company name. Our logo shows these feelings as it is an origami-styled emperor penguin with its child.
  • We used origami for our logo because origami can be styled into various shapes. It’s flexible and creative and inspires new ideas and trying new things.


As a woman, a wife, and a mother I have to play many roles. Sometimes it can be hard to relieve my stress.
I don’t much time to relax or take time for myself.
I think this is a common challenge for women, and how we spend that limited time is important.

This is why I want to share this all-in-one essence that blends luxurious and natural ingredients to relax and make women feel and look beautiful.

After bathing, and using our product you can feel the changes to your skin the next day.
I think women around the world can wake up feeling great when they feel the condition of their skin the next day. [RUC-Botanical Serum] will make you feel better than yesterday, and feel better than today as you shine in the future for a brighter tomorrow!