Ⅿaruya Farm Plus Co. Ltd.

Maruya Farm Plus is an enterprise selling the processed agricultural products from Maruya Farm (their own farm to plant agricultural products). The sugar content of the peach used to produce the peach enzyme drink from Maruya Farm has been recorded as the highest by Guinness World Records in 2015.

Based on the concept of “Healthy and Delicious”, Maruya Farm Plus would like to realize the idea of “Delicious = Smile”. When eating delicious food, we will smile naturally. They are trying their best endeavors to provide the product that can give smiles to people from Kanechika, Kishiwada city in Osaka (the location of Maruya Farm Plus).

Combing enzyme of unique flavor with peach, the peach enzyme drink is delicious and suitable for all people to drink. Moreover, it is free of additives.


  • “Enzyfairy Peach One” 720mL

    One of their products made of the peach from Maruya Farm is called “Enzyfairy Peach One” (which is a peach enzyme drink)

    1. The fermented liquor made of the peach cultivated by Maruya Farm gives one-third of the content for “Enzyfairy Peach One”.
    2. The fermented liquor made of 100% Japanese made vegetables (over 100 types) gives two-thirds of the content for “Enzyfairy Peach One”.
    3. It is free of additives like artificial sweetener, food flavor and preservative and etc.
    4. A single dose of 30mL is equivalent to 48 Cal only (low-calorie content).

  • “Enzyfairy Peach One” 30mL x 5 bottles/set

    For a single dose, it is about 30 mL. It is a trail set containing 5 bottles.


BUSINESS TYPERetailer of processed agricultural goods
PRODUCTSPeach’s enzyme drink
544-6 Kanechika-cho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka

Management philosophy

Pursue the deliciousness that can make customers happy.
Contribute to the activation of the regional agriculture.


Maruya Farm Plus is using the peach and mandarin orange cultivated by Maruya Farm as raw material. After processing them into finished products, we also act as a retailer for those products.

The philosophy of Maruya Farm is to provide sweeter and more delicious fruits and processed products of fruits. Maruya Farm Plus is insisting on producing tasty products to our customers. Please have a taste for our products!