Our company is using the Japanese traditional wooden framework technology to produce and sell wooden fixtures and furniture as well as to create original interior design.

Tanemura Woodworks is producing fixtures, furniture and interior to meet the demand of its clients thanks to its skill culitvated over 60 years, since its establishment.

A traditional technique that fits the modern times.


  • Wooden fixtures (lattice door)

    Those fixtures are made with our traditional wooden framework technique. To meet our clients’ demand, our products are custom-made. Those products are used in residences, hotels, restaurants or even in shops either as fixtures or as door-partitions.

  • Kumiko Craftsmanship

    Those fixtures are made with the Japanese traditional “kumiko” craftsmanship. Recently those products are really popular. One by one, timbers are combined to produce delicate woodworks used as doors or as door-partitions. We are making different designs: hemp leaf, sakura, or even sesame leaf, etc.

  • Colorful Shoji (folding door with Japanese craft paper, Washi)

    Those folding screens used as room divider are made thanks to the combination of the traditional wooden framework and the use of colorful Japanese craft paper. Those products are made based on our customers’ preferences in terms of size and color scheme, and it is possible to use between 2 to 5 different Shoji. Those products are also used widely in residences and shops.
    When you switch on the light, you can feel the soft light going through the Japanese paper creating a heart-warming space.

  • Light box

    Those light boxes are made with our traditional mullions craftsmanship, with Japanese craft papers from Kyoto, but we are also using LED lights. This product has won a prize in Japan and is really popular among our clients. Those light boxes are used to get an indirect and soft light either by placing them in a room or by fixing them on a wall.

  • Imadoco Series/Takadoco Frame

    We are making frame series for alcoves fitting the modern times. We are creating furniture to decorate important objects in a room.


BUSINESS TYPEProduction and installation of wooden fixtures and furniture, as well as interior design
PRODUCTSWooden fixtures and furniture・Interior design
ADDRESS4-7-10 Kire, Hirano-ku, Osaka City
ESTABLISHMENTEstablished in 1956, and privatized in 1998

Management Philosophy

We are working to preserve and connect our traditional wooden framework technique, that fits the modern times, with memories.


We are working every day to preserve and connect our traditional good old-fashioned technique, that fits the modern times, with memories. In our own factory, we have fixtures and furniture artisans that are creating requested products with a great care.