Tatami bed manufacturer who knows inside out about Japanese traditional materials.

Starting its business as a chair manufacturer in 1958, SADAKARI SANGYO has been producing bunk beds since 1971 and Tatami beds since 1983. We also produce beds, mainly Tatami beds, equipped with handrails and assist bars with adjustable height, which can be utilized at nursing care facilities in Japan.

We hope to share the joy with a whole world through the wonderful Japanese traditional culture of Tatami.


  • Sai

    Tatami makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. The collection may be used not only for bedroom but for living space too. Create the original design and decorate your house as you like.

  • Dan

    “Dan” is named after a Japanese word “Danran”, which means “happy time at home”. This collection was designed not only for bedding but also as a family get-together space.

  • Silky III

    Easy to use Tatami Bed with a universal design. The height has 5 modes of adjustment providing smooth getting in and out of bed.


BUSINESS TYPEPlanning, production and sales of wooden bed
PRODUCTSTatami bed, Tatami sofa
ADDRESSOaza Mukaijima 880-5, Okawa, Fukuoka
ESTABLISHMENTFounded in 1958/ Established in 1964

Management philosophy

More than 30 years have passed since we started manufacturing Tatami beds in Chikugo, Japan. We have been and will keep preserving Japanese and Chikugo’s traditions by cherishing local “culture” and “people”, believing in the “wisdom” and “ingenuity” given by local people, and manufacturing products with “Tatami” which has a timeless value that is what we keep looking at.

Universal design
Our products are equitable and flexible in use and minimize physical efforts. Based on Universal design philosophy, we provide a special support for our customers with a guarantee of “comfort” and “healing”.

Care prevention
Designed for getting in and out of bed without any additional support. We produce our beds with a great “respect” to our customers to help them to stay active with no special nursing care.


People have lived with Nature.
And people have created housings and household tools by making good use of natural materials such as plants, woods, stones, earth and papers.
Getting feelings of every season and bringing nature in everyday life, Japanese have established a peaceful lifestyle. Just imagine what our ancestors, who made a good use of natural materials for their lives, would say about our civilized society today.

We at SADAKARI SANGYO find the answer in revaluating locally cultivated culture and long-established aesthetic values, and offer peaceful and comfortable life in combination of Japanese wisdom and Western rationality.