Momentum Factory Orii Co., Ltd.

Momentum Factory Orii is trying to make new "Copper coloring" with unique colors and textures.

A unique technique that creates an infinite variety of expressions for each of our panels thanks to our artisans and imagination. Orii's coloring technique artificially creates the special characteristics of metal corrosion and rust. So by creating a unique texture and coloring, we are able to bring about original colors that you cannot find anywhere else.

The city of Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, has cultivated and accumulated 400 years of traditional advanced casting techniques. Momentum Factory Orii was established in 1950 as the Orii Chakushokujo (Orii Coloring Center), and we inherited the traditional technique of the copper ware industry in Takaoka. We are now dealing with various casting products which we are coloring, such as statues of Buddha, Buddhist temple bells, tea ware, but also art works.

Copper coloring is not painting but a traditional technique for developing vivid colors on copper and brass, which are corrosive, by using medicals and flames. Our company has developed a traditional coloring technique that can be used only on castings as for now, and we succeeded in coloring copper and brass panels with a thickness of less than 1mm. We are constantly seeking new ideas and possibilities by focusing on bringing out the real color of brass and copper.

Please enjoy colors which are unique in the world!



    Orii marble is a set of 12 copper or brass panels (300 x 300 x 0.4mm) of the same color. You can fix those panels either to the walls or to furniture in order to create original space design.


    We can produce colored copper or brass panels in any size. The biggest size is 1000 x2000mm, and the minimum thickness is 0.6mm. You can either use those panels as art works, or as building materials to adorn your spaces.


BUSINESS TYPECopper coloring, and production of building materials
PRODUCTSCopper, brass, copper alloy
ADDRESS530 Nagae, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
MANAGING DIRECTOROrii Koji (President)
ESTABLISHMENT1st, January 2008

Management Philosophy

We are proud of our coloring technique and constantly strive to develop new techniques.


Since our company’s establishment in 1950, coloring, which is the final process in the making of Takaoka copper ware, has been a business for 70 years for 3 generations. Since around 20 years, we are using our traditional technique on copper panels. But now, we are working hard on expanding the application of our technique and on developing new products such as building material for the interior and exterior design of hotels, restaurants, public facilities, etc, or for doorplates, and signs. But we are also dealing with interior products such as watches, and wine coolers, etc.
While inheriting traditional techniques to restore Buddhist altars, or art works, etc., we are also innovating on our traditional crafts in order to do more than just preserving our traditions. So we do hope that are copper coloring technique will become integrated and a standard into our everyday life. From now on, we will continue to collaborate with other fields such as the outdoor, the musical instrument, and the fashion industry, etc.