We provide world-class 3D art ceramics by applying the long-standing expertise and technology acquired when creating Mino ware.

KANO CORPORATION, established in 1963, has accumulated knowledge from many years of experience in providing custom-made articles to fit any setting, as one of the Mino Ware tile manufacturers that account for 70 – 80% of domestic tile production. This know-how gives us a decided advantage in producing the colors and shapes that our customers request. KANO enjoys creating tiles with unconventional and free-spirited designs to help shape new living spaces.

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  • Origami

    This interior tile represents “Origami”, the Japanese traditional paper craft. The beauty of the curve and the deep glaze are combined to create an expressive design. Thanks to the combination of colors and arrows’ direction, you can enjoy various designs.

  • Surf

    This tile is designed based on the traditional Japanese pattern called Seigaiha (blue ocean waves). The edgy and rugged side of the pattern, gives it a modern feel. Depending on how you arrange it, you can create a variety of patterns and enjoy them in different ways.

  • Corda

    This tile represents a braided rope made by using the casting technique. It allows us to create a shape and texture conveying the sophisticated sense of Japanese traditions.

  • Shutter

    A unique design in which different materials can be seen through the camera’s aperture hole. Pairing it with the same size hexagon flat tiles creates a flowery wall look.

  • Piramide

    This Piramide tile has been made by using the 3D lantern tiles to which is added an openwork design. The combination of Piramide 3D and Piramide 2D with an openwork pattern creates an uplifting wall surface.

  • Sizuku

    The Sizuku tile represents a dew drop. The plump and adorable shape created by casting, as well as the refreshing glaze texture are conveying a sense of luxury and of cleanliness.


BUSINESS TYPETile manufacturer
PRODUCTSPressed tiles, Extruded tiles, Casting tiles(3D ceramic tiles, 3D tiles), Replacement tiles
ADDRESSHead office: 1647-3 Kasahara, Tajimi, Gifu 507-0901 Japan
ESTABLISHMENT27th Sept., 1963

Management Philosophy

Create something new with “Beyond Tile”!


At Kano Corporation, we are expanding our business by complying to the following company policy, “Through our ceramic tiles, we contribute to society”. Since ancient times, ceramic tiles are used as building materials. And thanks to their durability and design, they are still currently used. Mino ware, which became known thanks to the tea ceremony, has a 1000-year history. At Kano Corporation, we are preserving the tile tradition, and working on product application development while following our vision called Tile & Beyond = “Create something new with “beyond tile””. Looking ahead to the future, we do believe in the ceramic tiles potential, so we are striving towards developing new tiles. We ask for your continued support and guidance.