Kyoei Hardware Co., Ltd

Conveying Traditional Japanese Food Cultures by Made in Japan Tablewares and Cooking Utensils

Founded in 1948 after WW2 in Hiroshima, Started from hardware, Kyoei Hardware Co., Ltd has been supporting with the kitchen related goods. Nowadays, Kyoei Hardware is providing industrial products ranging from kitchen equipment to cleaning goods produced by over 100 Japanese makers in various industries to governmental organizations and nursery facilities all over Japan.

Kyoei Hardware is aiming to convey the merits of Japanese traditional tableware provided by the well-developed Japanese makers with achievements and the happiness of cooking to overseas customers.

In addition, through selling the traditional craft products, Kyoei Hardware is putting the effort to raise the state of traditional craftsmen and relieve the problem of lack of successors.

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  • Japanese Kitchen Knife made in Sakai, Osaka

    Not only Japanese kitchen knife but also kitchen knife, kitchen knife for bread and etc. Kyoei Hardware is also providing slicer and cooking accessories.

  • Japanese Tablewares to make your table colorful

    Kyoei Hardware is providing a wide range of products ranging from Urushi lacquerwares to plastic tablewares that are applicable to washing machine.

  • Accessories for Urushi lacquerwares

    Making a good use of the techniques from Echizen Urushi lacquerwares, Kyoei Hardware is also providing accessories for Urushi lacquerwares card boxes (left photo) or flower vases (right photo).


PRODUCTSIndustrial Tablewares, Cookwares
1-5-21 Yokokawa-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
ESTABLISHMENT17th July, 1952

Management philosophy

  • Long-lasting enterprise
  • Being an enterprise that always earns trust and graceful gratitude from customers
  • Creating a rewarding working atmosphere and providing happiness to employees
  • Contributing to people, environment and society


Kyoei Hardware changes continuously with the change of the generation after its foundation 70 years ago.
Kyoei means being prosperous together. Therefore, Kyoei Hardware is aiming to make all the related parties prosperous for their business.

Nowadays, although it is a society that demands mass production with the fact that price is in higher priority to quality, Made in Japan products are products representing high quality without compromising the quality due to the price.

Moreover, through promoting Japanese traditional craft products to the world, Kyoei Hardware is trying their best endeavors to relive the problem for the lack of successors for traditional craftsmen. Because of the above reasons, Kyoei Hardware is planning to put a greater effort to promote traditional craft products in the future.

Although Kyoei Hardware is not a maker, however, they purchase a wide range of products from the makers and promote their products. Kyoei Hardware is trying their best to provide the desired products for the customers as well.