Koizumi Seisakusho Co., Ltd

Founded in 1889, our company has been processing and casting copper alloys for more than 130 years.

Koizumi Seisakusho Co. Ltd. is a manufacturing company casting and processing copper alloys. We are producing Buddhist altar fittings, acoustic crafts, precision valves, machine parts, etc.
Our company is especially good in developing acoustic craft products and we are trying our best to create the most attractive sound of metal.
We have also engaged in the restoration of some cultural heritages.
In 2007, restoration of the Bell of "Guell Villa, Dragon Gate" designed by Antoni Gaudi in Spain.
In 2010, restoration of Hibiya park Liberty Bell in Tokyo.
Finally, our company has established an original brand called “Koizumiya” in 2012 which is a brand focusing on items with “healing sound”.

We help you healing your life with our pleasant sound items.


  • Kanpai bell pair

    This glass has been created under the concept of enjoying the soothing sound of toasting. Two glasses with different shapes form a pair. These two glasses are tuned in different pitches to create a beautiful chord when they are hit together.

  • Morinone

    This is a door chime that rings naturally when the door is opened. Its pleasant tone will inform you about the visitor coming or your family returning home. The warm natural feeling of the wood and the simple design, which is easy to adapt to any kind of exterior and interior decor, is the attractiveness of this bell.

  • Yurarin

    This is a wind chime that is used on a tabletop. When blown by the wind, it will swing and make a beautiful sound. The simple design and luxurious brilliance peculiar to metal matches with any type of interiors to adorn the room.


BUSINESS TYPECasting and processing of copper alloys
PRODUCTSVarious bells, Buddhist bells, Precision valves
ADDRESS1-14 Ote-machi, Takaoka City Toyama, Japan

Management Philosophy

We contribute to society through manufacturing. We act with integrity and will keep doing the right things.


Koizumi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. started as “Koizumi Foundry” in 1887. Initially our main focus was on manufacturing Japanese art and craft items, which were made to attract European people following the trend “Japonism”. After that, to match the needs of the society, we have been making a great variety of casting products from industrial goods to art and craft items. In recent years, we are more focusing on the development of acoustic craft products with the theme “Pleasant Sound.” Because Japan is recognized as a major manufacturing nation, we want to live up to its name and create products of high quality that can be proudly distributed to the world. Our company motto is to contribute to the society by developing products which create value to the people’s social life. We will continue to work hard to achieve this goal.