HEIAN SHINDO KOGYO CO., LTD provides total solutions for better life to their customers through home storage items. HEIAN SHINDO is the leading developer for home storage items with the top share of tension rod in Japan.

The tension rods developed by HEIAN SHINDO can store goods effectively with optimum use of space without using any screw and nails.

Their mission is "Ingenuity for the better life".
In additional to the main products e.g. Tension rod, tension shelf, they also provide products like laundry storage, closet organizer kits and interior design storage in order to solve the "living problem" and provide a better and more comfortable life.

Ingenuity for the better life


  • HEIAN Rod Standard (Tension Rod)

    It is the standard model of HEIAN Rod.
    The structure with the use of jack makes it durable to weight.
    It is suitable for the storage of different kinds of daily life products like clothes.

  • HEIAN Rod Strong (Tension Rod)

    By using strong and thick pipe, HEIAN Rod Strong can withstand a maxium carrying load of 80 kg.
    It is suitable for hanging huge quantity of clothes and heavy objects.

  • HEIAN Shelf Spring (Tension Rod)

    With the use of a 2-stage spring (combining a weaker spring with a strong one), HEIAN Shelf Spring can be install and uninstall easily.
    It can be used to hang light products like curtains.

  • HEIAN Shelf (Tension Shelf)

    HEIAN Shelf is a shelf made by using the techniques of HEIAN Rod. Using HEIAN Shelf, you can make a good use of the storage place. Products with large size can be kept easily.
    There are different models with various sizes provided based on the different usages.

  • Indoor and balcony laundry stand

    Indoor and balcony laundry stand is a brace type stand for hanger and clothes with a good use of space.
    It can be installed easily and it is a convenient stand to keep variety kinds of products in the drying area.

  • Laundry shelf

    It is a shelf making good use of the space over/beside the laundry machine. All your laundry goods can be stored by the laundry shelf.


BUSINESS TYPEProduct Development/Retail Industry
PRODUCTSHome Storage products
ADDRESS4/F, Nishisenba Tatsumi Building, 1-22-17 Edogori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0002

Management philosophy

“Ingenuity for the better life.”


As a mean to improve the cramped and small living space in the city, tension rod is commonly used and poplular in Japan. HEIAN SHINDO has a belief that their tension rod will benefit the people globally by their know-how cultivated in Japan. Not only Japan, they would also like to realize their mission “Ingenuity for the better life.” for all people worldwide.