Top Brand for Metal Tool Boxes

"TOYOSTEEL CO.,LTD. was founded as a press processor in Higashi-Osaka in Osaka in 1965. TOYOSTEEL developed their original metal toolboxes later. They provide their original brand products and OEM products all over Japan through mechanical and industrial trading companies and work tools makers.

Nowadays, TOYOSTEEL is the top brand for metal tool cases in Japan and has an irreplaceable position in the industry.

We are working on various new businesses like the development of new products. In addition, we are creating unique (not found in other places) and interesting products.


  • Steel Toolbox

    It is a steel toolbox which can withstand harsh use with strong press type design produced by the deep metalworking techniques and mass production robot line. Therefore, it has a superb specification and productivity. Mountain type toolbox “Y-350” had awarded “Good Design・Long Life Design” award (with over 60 years of history and commonly known as G-Mark in Japan) in 2009.

  • Tool Wagon Royal

    There is no seam on the tray since it is made by seamless one-sheet metalworking process. As a result, there is no leakage even if there are liquids like oil falling on the tray. There are 3 layers for Tool Wagon Royal “TWR2” and “TWR4”. The upper layer is shallow so it is suitable to place small items while the lower layers could be used to place tools. “TWR2” and “TWR4” had awarded Good Design・Long Life Design” award in 2009 in 2014.


    Made by professionals with warm hearts, instead of treating it as a toolbox, it could be your familiar item.
    COBAKO was created for a variety of usages instead of just industrial uses. For the usage, it could be changed as per the customer’s creativity.


    “KONSTELLA BRIEF” is a series of brief cases without any buttons that you would store and carry your necessary items for work like notebook and tablets smartly and elegantly. This series is always a typical and classic choice for businessman for sure.

    Size: W400 x H370 x D63 mm
    Color: Black (BK), Champagne Gold (GD), Brown (BR), Silver (SV)


    With KONSTELLA CLUTCH, you could carry your notebook (up to 13 inch), pen and project materials easily and safely to anywhere.

    Size: W350 x H256 x D43 mm
    Color: Black (BK), Champagne Gold (GD), Brown (BR), Silver (SV)


    It would be used to keep the items which are easily lost in your bag like your smartphone, portable battery, earphone and USB code. Accessories that tend to be cluttered could be kept compactly.

    Size: W300 x H131 x D42 mm
    Color: Pink (P), Black (BL), Champagne Gold (GD), Brown (BR), Silver (SV)


BUSINESS TYPEManufacturer and Retailer
PRODUCTSTool Box, Tool storage related articles, Aluminum bag, Casters
4-8-13 Kano, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka
ESTABLISHMENT10th June, 1969


Management Philosophy

An enterprise targeting to create a safe, bright working environment in order to support manufacturing


TOYOSTEEL CO.,LTD. is providing tool boxes and aluminum bags with a wide variety of size and models with good designs and functionality based on the essential values of “Metal products with superb strength and durability” and “seamless metalworking”.