SANLUKE.CO.,LTD is an enterprise established in 1986 for the development, manufacture, retail of products with good use of ceramics functions. The main products are produced to contribute to the environmental preservation, health and safety.

SANLUKE was the first in the world to invent a product that would be used for laundry without the use of washing powder and detergents.
It was sold not only in Japan but also all over the world for 27 years since invented.
At first, most people wondered how could a laundry be done without the use of washing powder and detergents.
However, it became a product that is popular among those who do not want to use detergents with chemicals and those who is suffered from the skin problems caused by the remained detergents in clothes.
27 years ago, Japan was suffered from the water pollution problems everywhere caused by the domestic wastewater. One of the cause is the wastewater from the laundry. With the use of the product of SANLUKE in the laundry process, the wastewater from laundry will be free of detergents. As a result, it could contribute to resolving the problem of water pollution.
With this merit, lots of people started purchasing the products of SANLUKE.
For the overseas markets, the main export designations were North America and Europe. However, they were also exported to Asia, Middle East and Africa countries thanks to the popularization of laundry machines in those countries in recent years.
With the improved products produced, SANLUKE hopes to promote their products to benefit more countries.

Eco-friendly, Natural and Skin friendly product that could contribute to the health and the environment. In order to let more people to get benefited, SANLUKE is trying their best endeavors to improve their product with the lower retail price.


  • Enviro-Disc for laundry: Product Introduction

    Laundry is Changed by the Force of the Ceramics!
    The product which provides natural and ecological washing without using the detergent with skin care.

    Product Features:

    • Non Allergenic
      The unique cleaning method of Enviro-Disc ceramic pellets adds no chemicals or perfumes to the laundry process.
      It is the perfect answer for those who suffer from allergies to these substances.
    • Environmentally Friendly
      Enviro-Disc does not add any chemicals to the laundry water and is reusable up to 700 times. It eliminates hundreds of pounds of polluting chemicals found in the ordinary laundry detergents it replaces.
    • Highly Economical
      Comparing with how much you spend in a two-year period on laundry detergent to the price of one Enviro-Disc, and you will recognize astonishing savings.

  • Enviro-Disc for laundry: Washing Instructions and Specifications

    Washing Instructions:

    To optimize the effects, please follow the instructions below:

    • Place all Enviro-Disc units together with your dirty laundry into your washing machine DO NOT USE Enviro-Disc WITH THE DRYING MACHINE
    • For stains and severe soils, please use your usual methods to clean it. DO NOT add any fabric softeners or bleach when using Enviro-Disc.
    • For additional whitening and brightening, add no more than one tablespoon of household detergent.
    • You may notice a certain amount of soapy film and foam during the first several washings. This is due to soap trapped in the fabrics during the previous laundering, and it will disappear as the fabrics become really clean after a few days.

    Constituent elements of the product:
    Plastic case, Polypropylene
    Float ring, Polyethylene
    Ceramics pellets, Active ceramics

    Shape of the disc:
    8cm in diameter
    3cm thickness
    53g in weight (35g of ceramic pellets)
    Each package contains 2 discs

  • Super Bath Disc: Product Introduction

    With the power of active ceramics, you could enjoy eco-friendly (save water) and comfortable (beauty and health effects) bath.

    Product Features:

    1. It has a powerful bacteria killing effects and kill the bacteria (the cause of the smell is due to bacteria) and keep the bath clean. The water used after bathing can be used for cleaning or laundry. Also, it can eliminate the greasy surface of the bathtub.
    2. It can provide warming effect. It can provide heat through far infrared radiation.
    3. The water molecule groups become smaller by Super Bath Disc so the bath water will have a better osmotic force and dissolving power. As a result, the osmotic force to the skin will become higher and the skin will be benefit by the beauty effect.

  • Super Bath Disc: Instructions and Specification

    Instructions for use:

    • Since the contact of 2 discs with hot water will provide a better effect. Please put 2 discs before adding the hot water.
    • During bathing, please let those 2 discs remained in the hot water.
    • If you shake the discs in the bathtub from time to time, it will provide a better effect.
    • Super Bath Disc could be used with other medicinal bathing agents and hot spring bathing agents.

    Constituent elements of the product:
    Plastic case, Polypropylene
    Float ring, Polyethylene
    Ceramics pellets, Active ceramics

    Shape of the disc:
    8cm in diameter
    3cm thickness
    53g in weight (35g of ceramic pellets)
    Each package contains 2 discs


BUSINESS TYPEChemical Engineering
PRODUCTSLaundry active materials and Bath active materials
3-2-415 Wakabadai, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
ESTABLISHMENT19th Nov., 1989

Management Philosophy

  1. The authenticity of our products is certified by the verified organization with data The effectiveness is proved by the experimental data provided by a 3rd party organization which has no interests related. (It is shown in the test HP in The University of Minnesota)
  2. Superiority/Performance/Price/Reliability of our product When comparing in any aspects with similar products, it is more superior. (Similar products are almost being weeded out.)
  3. Customer First Policy The price is set so that the customers could afford. By deducting the price of our product to the amount could be saved, you will find that it is really the best deal.


After retiring in MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL in 1986, SANLUKE.CO.,LTD has been established for 31 years. With the support of different individuals, we could have achieved what we have today. We will continue to research and develop so that we could earn the trust from our customers. We hope all of you could support us continuously.