NONAKA delivers Human-friendly and Earth-friendly innovation through our surpassing techniques honed over half a century.

NONAKA CO., LTD. was established in June 1957. The Chairman started as an apprentice to a furniture craftsman at the age of 17 to hone his skills. When he was 25, he established NONAKA to manufacture Ippondachi (all-in-one) clothespresses. In 1960's, he started manufacturing marriage furniture. Due to the great production quality, NONAKA has become a high grade marriage furniture manufacturer.

While keeping ourselves updated and developing innovative products, we always respect Japanese craftsmanship which we have inherited from our founder. We have been delivering products with high degree of completion in every detail, which mass production cannot achieve.

We at NONAKA use all valuable materials with zero waste, because we know that any gnarl, alburnum, grain or warped piece make our products original and unique. Being eco-friendly, we provide effective utilization of the materials giving them a new value.

We use only human-friendly and earth-friendly materials. We believe that furniture should be made out of only safe and reliable resources as long as it is closely related to our life. Our carefully selected materials are formaldehyde-free and meet all the construction standard laws of Japan in order to make our lives and environment better.

With this philosophy in mind, NONAKA will continue to improve our lives and make this world a better place by producing safe and secure eco-friendly furniture.

May our furniture live for centuries!


  • "Broady" living room chest

    The perfect combination of natural wood and metal brings a sophisticated atmosphere to a living space. Oil-finished wood maximizes the beauty of wood grain and its contrast with cool metal legs brings a unique look.

  • "Fores" Sofa

    Fores, a low-type sofa, is designed with a concept of “Forest Relaxation” that gives you a feeling of spaciousness. Feather cushions and urethane foam bring comfort and a soft touch.

  • "Oedo" collection

    Oedo collection defines our furniture with an updated traditional and modern Japanese style. A variety of home furniture items are this collection


BUSINESS TYPEPlanning, manufacturing and sales of home furniture
PRODUCTSTV stand, living room chest, sofa
ADDRESSMukaijima 1473-2, Okawa, Fukuoka, Japan

Management philosophy

Corporate Philosophy
We aim to make our employees happy in all aspects and at the same time to make a contribution to the society through our business development.

Management Philosophy
We challenge ourselves every day and do our best to produce valuable products and service that will excite and satisfy our customers’ needs.


“May our furniture live for 100 years!”
In June 1957, NONAKA CO., LTD was founded in Okawa city of Fukuoka, which is known as town of furniture. Since then, we have been producing high grade marriage furniture for decades. Besides, our brand has developed to manufacturing a wide range of furniture including TV stands, living room chests and sofa.

We want trees to continue staying alive for centuries even as a furniture.
The shape and style of our products has changed with times, but our creed and aspiration for furniture remain the same over half a century. We will continue producing every single piece of our furniture with great care.

Just like as trees take 100 years to grow, we hope our furniture used for 100 years.
The shape and style of the furniture we make has changed with times, but our creed and aspiration for furniture production remain the same since over a half century. We will continue to manufacture every single furniture with great care.