Hattendo Co., Ltd.

Hattendo is a bakery company that specializes in Japanese sweetbreads, "Chilled cream buns".

Hattendo is a bakery company that specializes in Japanese sweetbreads, with our flagship product being "Chilled cream buns".
Our motto is "Do what only Hattendo can do" and our aim is to develop creative food culture. We make continual efforts to achieve our short-term goal: in winning a gold medal with our cream buns, and our long-term goal: establish a prestigious sweet bun brand.
Elaborating every single detail to produce breads with special cares is what Hattendo is doing. Our mission is to deliver "delicious" and "enjoyable" experiences backed with "safety and security" to all of the customers who enjoy our breads.
We at Hattendo will keep evolving to make people smile through our happy, warm and surprising creations.

We aim to be a "speciality breads" business, to create a new food culture, and to realize a company committed to fostering our people. "From Mihara (Hiroshima) to Tokyo, from Tokyo to all over Japan, and now we spread our wings around the world!!


  • Chilled cream buns

    Regular flavors: Custard, Fresh cream, Matcha(green tea), Azuki (sweet bean) and Chocolate

    Custard is the best seller.

  • Sweet burgers

    Sweet bread that looks like a hamburger!

    You’ll be taken in by its appearance and its melt-in-your-mouth taste.

  • Cream Croissant

    Outside of cream croissant is crispy and the cream inside melts once you taste it.
    The surface of the croissant contains numerous layers which give the crispy texture similar to cookies. When you try it, you could enjoy both the fragrance and crisp texture.
    Moreover, inside is full of melty cream.


PRODUCTSChilled cream buns
ADDRESSMiyaura 3-31-7, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
ESTABLISHMENTJune 25th, 1933

Management philosophy

Great products, Great people and Great company


Message from Takamasa Morimitsu, Representative Director
Hattendo is a bakery company founded in 1933. Since then, our success has been driven by our company’s fighting spirit. We have been and will continue to take on new challenges by giving shape to what only Hattendo can do, and continue to grow and develop ourselves through innovative creations.
As is rarely the case in food factories, we make and wrap every piece by hand. We produce 40,000 pieces of bread a day under good hygienic conditions and thoroughgoing quality control. At a glance, this may look anachronistic in time as mechanization progresses, however here is where we see the value. We put our gratitude into every single piece with hand-making, hand-wrapped, and hand-delivery so people keep coming back and wanting more. We continue developing products, stores, and friendly services to make it happen.
In addition to ensuring the safety and security of production, we commit ourselves to foster our people to be loved by customers. I always hope our people enjoy working for Hattendo, which I believe results in them giving their best performance for the customers. Our staff is free to give anything a try. Even if the challenge results in a failure, we give them another chance. It’s important to keep motivated and be willing to take on new challenges We have expanded our business from Mihara (Hiroshima) to Tokyo and all over Japan. Now, when it comes to souvenirs from Mihara, many people think of “Cream buns of Hattendo”. We have stores in major cities in Japan, which help raise the profile of our hometown and promotion of regional revitalization.
We opened stores in 4 countries besides Japan. In 2015, we launched a local subsidiary in Singapore, said to be an Asian showcase. We are now expanding our business to all over Asia based on the business model we successfully established in Japan. In Asia, we started with take-out only. We opened a cafe with take-out and dine-in services in Singapore, which is the first place we produced our breads outside of Japan. We are planning to start local production in other stores.
Our new challenge is “Sweet burger”, an innovative food idea that Hattendo introduces to the world. There is a variety of burgers in the world, but if you search, there are not “sweet burgers.” We believe this is what only Hattendo can do, and this is a challenge to the conventional food culture. With selected fresh and juicy fruits coming directly from farms and our melt-in-the mouth buns and creams, we must realize an innovation to promote agricultural diversification. Lastly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all people we have met. Every support we received from our employees, our business partners and local people has made us what we are today. We want to give back by making continuous efforts to delivering impressive and delightful experiences all around the world.

Hattendo Co., Ltd.
Takamasa Morimitsu