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Cross Farm provides agricultural materials that cope with extreme climate.

n recent years, extreme climate like heat wave, severe cold, localized heavy rain and snow and drought has occurred more frequently due to global warming.

One of the industries that is highly affected by the climate change is agriculture. From planting to distribution of agricultural products, extreme climate brings adverse effects to the yield of agricultural products. Even worse, the damage is becoming greater and more unpredictable in recent years.

Because of this, Cross Farm is acting as a group enterprises consisting of wholesaler enterprise trading rice and vegetables to provide solutions for sustainable agriculture in the aspect of "cultivation techniques".

With the mission that all related parties starting from planting to distribution can be traded easily regardless of climate change, Cross Farm is developing related materials and cultivation method as a solution and popularizing them.

Overcome the climate change, aim at "Aggressive Agriculture" to respond to the market


  • Material copes with climate change: "NANO-K"

    "NANA-K" is a material that improves the soil environment developed by the exclusive patent.
    It can relieve the effects on wet damage and fertilizer ingredients loss due to heavy rain, growth inhibition due to the drought and the concentration and physical damage due to global warming.

    "NANO-K" is consisted of over 87% of silicon dioxide (SiO₂) . Silicon dioxide is recognized as a safe material since it is a recognized food additive in Japan.

    The merits of "NANO-K"
    ✔When water is excessive, absorb excessive water from the soil
    ✔When water is insufficient, emit water to the soil (emit when water level becomes 60%)

    "NANO-K" is recommended if your agricultural products have unstable growth and development due to below situations:
    ・Heavy and continuous rain
    ・Continuous cropping hazard
    ・Concentration damage and sickness

  • The pores of NANO-K under electron microscope


BUSINESS TYPEDevelopment and Manufacture of Agricultural materials, Support for the cultivation of agricultural products, Support for distribution of agricultural products
PRODUCTSMaterials that improves the soil environment, Liquid Composite Fertilizer
ADDRESS1-2-68 Imabayashi, Higashi Sumiyoshi, Osaka-shi, Osaka 546-0001

Management philosophy

Cross Farm, meaning begin with Farm and Cross with various information and people to develop, is aiming to convey the importance of sustainable agriculture and food to the society.


Cross Farm is aiming to “Produce for Delicious”, “Sale for Delicious” and “Eat for Delicious” by proposing cultivation method that combines new and traditional techniques to cope with extreme climate.

Cross Farm is working for the distribution of agricultural products and found the generation that you could get agricultural products by investing money only has been gone. It is because agricultural products cannot be yielded as per expectation due to the climate change. Therefore, it becomes more difficult that you could get the desired products anytime as before.

Those who are doing business related to agriculture can hardly get stable income if the yield of agricultural products is uncertain. In additional, it is predictable that it is not possible to purchase agricultural products as easy as before since the number of farmers is becoming lesser due to aging in Japan. However, food is the most important to human’s life. Feeling the importance of the agricultural products, Cross Farm was founded to support those who are suffered from the extreme climate to relieve the adverse effects on the yield of agricultural products.

To achieve the mission, Cross Farm is collecting the adverse effects information caused by extreme climate all over Japan. Moreover, instead of relying on fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, Cross Farm is conducing research using scientific techniques on cultivation solution based on “physiology for the agricultural products”

Cross Farm is trying their endeavors to contribute on creating a system that all related parties in agricultural industry are able to proceed all the processes (from planting to distribution) without any worries all over world.