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Hattendo Co., Ltd – “Do what only Hattendo can do” (2)

After understanding the background and characteristics of Hattendo, I would like to introduce their products. Regarding their cream buns, there are different series like plain cream buns, melon buns and warm series and etc. What I would like to introduce are plain cream buns.


Hattendo is pursuing to make the “ultimate” cream bun with the best amount of cream and egg flavor. After repeated trials and errors, they eventually found out the “ultimate delicateness.” The dough is so soft that it seems that it would fall apart once you pick it up. It is so moist and fluffy that it seems it would melt when you put it in your mouth. And the sublimely delicate cream is with the best sweetness which is sweet but not so sweet. For whom to have a taste of it, regardless of adults or children, they will smile and start feeling soft and kind. This is Hattendo’s ultimate cream bun.

There are 5 tastes of the cream buns: custard, fresh cream and custard, sweet bean, green tea and chocolate.


There are also region-limited and limited-quantity products with special tastes like marron, sakura and paste cream bun.


Apart from the classic cream buns, they are having a new challenge to make an innovative burger called “Sweet burger” and would like to introduce it to the world. There are no “sweet burgers” although there are different kinds of burgers all over the world. Since it is a challenge to the conventional food culture, it matches with Hattendo’s concept “Do what only Hattendo can do”. With selected fresh and juicy fruits coming directly from farms and the melt-in-the mouth buns and creams, I am sure that you will like its tastes and appearance!

This is the ‘sweet burger’ made of fresh and juicy fruits, creams and melt-in-the mouth buns.


Hattendo has expanded their business from Mihara (in Hiroshima prefecture) to Tokyo and all over Japan. Hattendo is actively promoting their products overseas. Currently, Hattendo has set up stores in 4 countries besides Japan. In the future, Hattendo would like to expand their business all over the world with the business model established in Japan. They are also planning to have local production of bread for other stores since there is only local production in the stores in Japan and Singapore.

With your support, Hattendo will surely spread their wings around the world and set up a store in your country one day to reach its goal of keeping evolving to make people smile through its happy, warm and surprising creations.

For more information about Hattendo, please feel free to look at below JAPAND page and Youtube:



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