Kyoei Hardware Co., Ltd: Boiled Egg Cooker

The JAPAND Enterprise, Kyoei Hardware Co., Ltd,  is providing industrial products ranging from kitchen equipment to cleaning goods produced by over 100 Japanese makers in various industries to governmental organizations and nursery facilities all over Japan.

Kyoei Hardware is trying their endeavors to maintain the high quality of made in Japan product without compromising the quality due to the price.

Recently, I discovered an interesting product called Boiled Egg Cooker “EZ-280” provided by them. Don’t you think it is time-consuming and tedious to cook a boiled egg? If yes, this product will be very useful to you.

With this Boiled Egg Cooker “EZ-280”, you could cook a boiled egg with a microwave oven within 12 minutes.


It is easy, fast, safe and convenient to cook a boiled egg by this boiled egg cooker.
What’s more, it is small (size: 122x108x110mm) and easy for storage.
There are also different colors for the users to choose from.

For the usage, basically, you just follow the procedures of below photo and you could cook a boiled egg easily within 12 minutes.

Below is the time required for cooking a boiled egg for your reference.

Normal Mode (Size of egg: M)
10~11 minutes by microwave oven (500~600W)
(Please do not cook over 700W)

Eco Mode (Size of egg: M)
6 mins by microwave oven (500~600W) + 6 mins by remaining heat
It makes use of the remaining heat to shorten the time of heating by microwave oven so it is eco-friendly.

*Please note that the above time is the reference time based on the use in Japan, there may be differences when using the boiled egg cooker in other countries due to the variation of the environment like the voltage, the difference in the model of microwave.

Also, there are user-friendly designs as shown in below photo:

If you are interested in the above product and would like to know more about Kyoei Hardware, please have a look at their JAPAND page:


Thank you!

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